How to get a CAN-Bus compatible OEM LCD installed on your ’04 & ’05 Mazda 3

How to get a CAN-Bus compatible OEM LCD installed on your ’04 & ’05 Mazda 3

This Article was originally hosted on the D5102 Wiki-Spaces but as the site is no longer active we have hosted this information for people to see

Huge thanks to seanlin08 on the Mazda 3 Forums for this info and pictures. 

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You will need to locate a ’06 LCD from an auto scrapper or eBay to do this mod.

A good eBay search is “Mazda 3 OEM screen” Make sure it’s ’06 – ’09!!!
The new correct connectors have 12 holes, the older one has 14.

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eBay UK: Mazda 3 OEM Screen / Scotch Locks / Eonon D5151

eBay US: Mazda 3 OEM Screen / Scotch Locks / Eonon D5151

It will also require some knowledge of tapping wires and/or soldering if any of this scares you you may want to talk to a pro.

You can do this without a D5151 but you will need a radio with the INFO button to use the trip computer.
Replace the existing LCD with the ’06 LCD as soon as you have the unit out, or mount it direct to your D5151.

If you are somewhat familiar with your cars wiring and soldering you should be able to do this in about an hour or less.


Start by opening the glove box and popping out the trim panel. Start at the middle and work towards the left. Once it’s all out
slide it towards the steering wheel and remove it completely.


Unscrew the radio, then slide it forwards till you have it out of it’s hole then unplug the large white factory harness.
Then unplug the small white harness and the red radio antenna and take it out completely


Take any tape off the end of the factory harness so you can access the wires inside. Be careful not to cut any wires!



Cut into exiting wires and solder new wires to the positions circled in the image below.
Note: If you plan to solder right to the LCD wires make sure you leave enough slack to get the radio out in the future!
TIP: If you’re really scared of soldering you can use scotch locks but soldering is the best way to do this.


Note: When complete it should look something like this:
TIP: Make sure to cover your joins in electrical tape so they don’t short together.


Connect the wires to the LCD via the harness or direct soldering in this manner:
TIP: Make sure again to cover any exposed wire with electric tape

Note the letters in the circles in the pin-out diagrams above!
1G to LCD D (Illumination -)

1E to LCD C (TNS +)

1Q to LCD L (CAN Low)

1O to LCD J (Can High)

1W to LCD H (Ground / Battery -)

1B to LCD A (+12v Constant)

1R to LCD B (+12v Accessory Switched)



You should now be able to turn the car on and test it. Keep in mind you will need either an ’06+ radio OR a D5151 to send
signals to the new LCD.

Your old radio will no longer display anything on this new unit.


Please let us know by commenting if you have succeeded with this mod or if you need help.
You can also post on the Mazda 3 forums on the original article for help with this modification.

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