EONON D5151 Frequently Asked Questions

EONON D5151 Frequently Asked Questions

This Article was originally hosted on the D5102 Wiki-Spaces but as the site is no longer active we have hosted this information for people to see

Where do I put this wire from the LCD on my 2004 / 2005 Mazda 3?– Stuff it in behind the LCD somewhere, there is no place to plug it in. The LCD will not light up at all on your car
If you have climate control you will loose the display, if you don’t you probably won’t miss it.
If it really bothers you you can replace it with a pocket, see below.

I have a 2006 or newer Mazda 3 will my OEM display still work?
– Yes

Can I make the factory LCD work like it did before once I have installed this unit?
 The short answer is mostly.
– The long answer is on the ’04-’05 models the LCD will not work at all without modification.
On the ’06-’09 models the LCD will still show climate control info and light up
The D5151 has a CAN Bus module so it will show information on the screen.
The time/trip computer on the far left will not be available though.

Can I replace the factory LCD with a pocket or something?
– The Metra dash kit (can be had on eBay for about $15) comes with a pocket replacement for the factory LCD
– The Eonon Mazda 3 dash kit ($55 USD) apparently also comes with a pocket according to an owner
(however it is not pictured or mentioned on their site so contact Eonon before buying!!!!)
– This unit does not come with the LCD sticker so you will need to cover up your display if your car is older than ’05

What is RDS?
 RDS or Radio Data Service is a method of sending digital data over standard radio signals.
This data often contains the current time, song name, artist name or station name.
Not all stations transmit this data so it may not work in your area or you may get false data from it.

What are the AF, TA and PTY buttons on the radio screen for?
These buttons work with RDS services if available in your area. These will probably not work in the US.
AF is Auto Follow and will follow a specific program.
TA is traffic announcement and will auto tune to a stations broadcasting traffic info.
PTY is program type and let’s you select a stations based on content (rock,news,sports, etc)

Can I watch video while driving?
You shouldn’t. There is an option to restrict video usage while the parking break is disengaged that
can be turned off. (Brake Detect under System Settings)

Can I use the D5151 with a Bose system?
Yes. The system is already setup to connect to your Bose system.

Will it charge my iPod/iPhone?

Does Eonon offer software updates?
Because this is a new unit and there are still a few bugs Eonon IS working with the community to
develop a software update that will fix all the current issues and possibly add features.
There is no final release date but if you would like to Beta test the latest updates please visit the Forums.

Will the AUX input in the armrest still work?
Yes. A special harness is included that allows you to connect the factory connector to the AUX in RCA jacks on the unit. You can even fit your own if the car doesn’t have one via this link

Can I listen to music from my phone/iPod via Bluetooth?
Yes, via the AD2P section under Bluetooth.

Will the unit automatically switch into back-up camera mode when I shift into reverse?
Yes. Reverse is automatically detected via the CAN Bus. The music is muted while in reverse mode and you can completely
disable the automatic switching if you do not have a camera.

How does the automatic reverse mode work?
The CAN Bus sends a signal when the car shifts into reverse. If you have the camera option enabled it will automatically switch
to the reverse camera video input.

How do I change the Eonon logo to the Mazda logo?
– Choose Settings
– Scroll to the logo selection option
– Choose your favorite logo
– Hit the update button

I can’t hear my GPS navigation over the music, what can I do?
Check under the System menu. There are two options:
A) Front speakers only play GPS sounds when speaking and rear speakers always play music
B) Mix music and GPS voice with user selectable mix level (-10 = music loudest, +10 = GPS loudest)
Option B with the setting of 10 gives the clearest instructions.

I really want the old revision, can I still get it?
Not from Eonon. There are still some sellers on eBay that have the old unit however.
Try searching for “Mazda 3 GPS” and look for the old interface.
(You will see Rear, two arrows at the bottom and the word “Slippage” in the bottom center of the Main Menu)
They won’t be around for long and Eonon probably won’t support them however.
AutoDVDGPS also sells the old Kovan/Qualair unit.
Keep in mind if you buy from another vendor you WILL NOT GET Eonon’s great customer service and support!

Can I hook an amp up to the unit?
Yes. You can use the RCA outputs on the back.

Does the volume still lag in GPS mode?
No. The new system has a much faster processor.

How can I set the factory clock / access the trip computer?
– Hold down the MODE button on the steering wheel until it displays “Settings”
– Press the UP arrow to toggle between trip computer info
– Press DOWN to show the time

How do I set the time on the factory LCD?
– Hold down the MODE button on the steering wheel until it displays “Settings”
– Press DOWN to bring up the time
– Press and hold DOWN until the display shows “12/24 Hours”
– Now use the UP button to change the current displayed setting
– Use DOWN button to move to the next field
– When done wait for about 30 seconds and it will exit programming mode

How do I import my phone contacts?
-Select the phone book section and hit the recycle symbol.
-Your phone will prompt you to allow the connection.
– Select allow and do not ask again if there is an option
Note: On Android you will need to pull down the notification shade for the prompt.
-Once you do this you should see your contacts and history.
Note: The SD card looking button is for SIM card contacts, The phone icon is for contacts stored on the phone.
Note: Some iPhone 5 users have reported difficulty with syncing contacts with many different Bluetooth units
including the D5151. We will update when we have more information.

What are the SW1 and SW2 wires for?
These are for AD Conversion steering wheel control systems. These are not used with newer Mazda 3s.

How can I get my steering wheel controls to work on my ’04 – ’05 Mazda 3:
Take the Blue “SW1” wire and simply solder it to the Gray control wire. Be careful though, there are two gray wires
on the harness, one of which is a speaker wire. The speaker wire is slightly thicker and on the edge of the harness,
the correct gray wire is very thin and near the exact center of the harness.
See THIS post for details and pictures.

Mhttps://web.archive.org/web/20130612032605/http://www.mazda3forums.com/showpost.php?p=8515929&postcount=27y unit keeps popping out, how can I get it to stay in?
Make sure the cables are tucked away and nothing is obstructing it.
The weight of the unit could be falling causing it to drop down and pop out.
Put something behind the unit to support it. (A stack of 7 nickels on each side of the back should do)

How do I hook up my sub?
You need a Y adapter. Plug the male end into the Sub 1 lead on the D5151 and then the other ends go to your amp.
You may need to adjust the sensitivity on your amp.
This cable is recommended by users who got it working.

Why does my radio show a different channel than I am listening to?
There is a bug that causes this behavior. Switching stations via the touch screen should clear it up.
Eonon is working on an update to fix this problem.

What does “Warning, do not watch to master!” mean?
This is the safety feature to stop you from watching a dvd while driving. Engage the parking brake or
Turn off the brake detect function in settings. Remember to always drive safe.

Why can’t I get my disc to go into the unit?
You probably forgot to remove the two shipping screws at the top of the unit under the red tape. Take it out and check.

Why can’t I get odd decimals when tuning the radio?
This is a bug. If you touch the slider it will switch to even decimals. Touch one of the presets at the top to switch back to
odd decimals and use the left and right arrows to turn your favorite station.


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